Living in Atlanta is a lot different than living in any other U.S. city. It is different in a way that Atlanta was never so much commercialized like on example New York or San Francisco. It won the hearts of many visitors by being so subtle and enchanting. As the center of the Fulton County, it is a nerve center of Georgia’s economy and industry. It grew thank to her geographical position which allowed her to be important because of the railroad’s routes.  Much of the city burned to the ground, but Atlanta rose up stronger than ever and during te time of reconstruction and rebuilding it was the center of governmental activities.

What it has to offer today?

Today as one of the most populous cities in the state of Georgia,  with more than five million inhabitants it is no wonder that there is a lot to offer and to see. Despite the fact that it is located in the conservative South, it emerged to be a liberal city open to everyone and everything.  It is also an educational mecca counting even forty high education institutions.  Most famous are Emory University, Georgia Institute od Technology, Oglethorpe University and other. Because Atlanta was and is an immigration spot, it has a lot of races and ethnicities that make a diverse and broad cultural scene. Most notable and recognizable landmarks and building are definitely State Capitol, Peachtree Cente which is an amazing complex of hotels and shops r, The Museum of Design Atlanta,  Philips Arena, High Museum of Art which is is a part of The Woodruff Arts Center and so on.

As we said earlier, due to a lot of immigrants, our city is very diverse. Because of this ethnicity mix, it became a center of country music thanks to immigrants from Appalachia. By accepting foreign cultures, Atlanta keeps amassing diversity. By now, it should not come as a surprise that Atlanta is the seventh most visited country in the United States considering all the beauties she is a home to.  You can’t go home from Atlanta if you didn’t visit the Georgia Aquarium.  It is a world largest aquarium and a great place for all family members.  If you are interested in History then Atlanta will be just as exciting for you. What tourists especially like visiting is Dr. Martin Luther King’s house in which is also his resting place. Or maybe visit The Atlanta History Center. People often neglect the culinary scene in Atlanta. It is a world cuisine because it contains restaurants that cook all kinds of food from exotic to traditional, from Asian to European this is again a result of a mix of ethnicities living here. The architecture is mostly contemporary and post-modern because of the earlier mentioned fire that destroyed a big part of older buildings.

Come and see yourself!

But because of it’s modern but unique looks, Atlanta became a place where a lot of blockbusters were made.  Some of them you became a great success and gave Atlanta another tourism boost.  Those are Sully, Passengers, The Accountant and so on. Well, it is no wonder that a lot of directors choose this destination as a filming spot because it is quite amazing. Plus they all have a great time while being in Atlanta. If by now you didn’t understand why is it so special, you can do only one thing; pack your things and visit the Fulton County Center.