WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU in Atlanta metro area?

Fulton County GA tries to provide you with the best services that the County has to offer. Our services are mostly aimed at out residents, but there isn’t a reason why you couldn’t use them as a guide if you are a tourist. To make sure that we represent the Fulton County in a good light, we decided to make a big list with a wide range of activities and services as well as some suggestions on what to visit and where to spend your free time. Some of our services are free, and some charge but they really are time worthy.

To spend your free time usefully, you should look at out Art services. We give you information about upcoming exhibitions and events in our art centers and galleries. There are a lot of them, and therefore there is a lot of content; Abernathy Arts Center, South Fulton Arts Center, Southwest Arts Center, West End Performing Arts. All of these offer not just to look at performances but to participate in a way to take classes in on example creative writing, dance, etc. If you are a more nature type, you are in the right place. We have a lot of beautiful Park in which you can relax or participate in an outdoors event. Places like Burdett Park, Creel Park, Cedar Grove Park, etc. are all equally interesting to do some physical activity or just spend time in nature reading a book or listening to music. If you are looking for a place where the whole family can go, then definitely take a look at our family services. We offer you a list full of family attractions such as Georgia Aquarium or Zoo Atlanta both located in the amazing city of Atlanta. They will be interesting to every family member and ensure that you have a quality time with your family. If you are, however, alone and you are a collector then make sure you take a look at our bidding actions and auction events. We strongly recommend that if you are a senior or have a senior, you need to take care of, to check out what our senior services offer. There many senior programs and centers that can make your days entertaining and full of activities. You can participate in fitness or cooking classes or even computer training class. We believe that as a senior you have an opportunity to use your free time wisely. There are many other services like animal services, emergency service that will make sure you get the help you need as soon as possible, housing services, health services and all the other ones that provide you with everything you need to lead a proper and stress-free life here in the Fulton County. We try to invest in our community service because we know that that is why people are staying here or will keep coming back to us.